Avoiding “technology for the sake of technology”


We believe that technology is a tool and not an end in itself. Our aim is to meet your business requirements with the help of technology; instead of building technology for the sake of technology.

Transparent processes


We are not shy about what we do. We collaborate with our clients openly by giving them direct access to our team and project management tools for full visibility into their project.

No offshore outsourcing


We collaborate under the same roof. Our teams are assigned with focus on technical expertise and industry knowledge. We don’t offshore or assign teams based on who is available.

No re-engineering the wheel.


We don’t think every project needs to be coded from ground up and we recommend integrating third party tools when appropriate. Once we have a clear understanding of our clients’ needs and constraints, we will explore the different options to make sound business decisions.

Hiring the best talent


Our team is made up of highly accomplished and passionate professionals. Our consultants, systems engineers, and other professionals actively contribute to their respected fields through innovation, knowledge sharing, and community leadership roles.

Budget consciousness


We are serious about sincerity in our cost assessments, transparency in our reporting, and being highly disciplined with the finances

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